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Рекомендовать Jobe Empire 138 + Explode Boots

Jobe Empire 138 + Explode Boots Jobe Empire 138 + Explode Boots Jobe Empire 138 + Explode Boots
Empire Series- Rusty Malinoski Pro Model Size: 138
Rusty Malinoski is the new guy on the block and he has a lot to prove. His first pro model shows what he is all about. Straight up solid performance without a bunch of bull. The fastest shape in our line for 2006 has all the guts you would expect in his board. Rusty worked hard on creating a balanced weapon to attack the wake. He wanted a board that hooked on rail like no other, was super fast with a lot of rocker and still landed smoothly; he wanted a lot and he got it. The result is a floaty, free-ride like feel that provides incredible pop off the wake yet still retains lots of stability. The aluminum fins that accompany this board will allow for a strong smooth turn in and quicker release. These unique 6° angled fins along the bottom are made for aggressive carving into the wake. This makes the Empire a board that is very fast and responsive; yet lands like butter. Rusty s pro model is an extremely balanced shape that can be used with ease by riders of all levels. • ABS rail: unique re-shapeable ABS impact rail for sliders. • Deep ribbed center beam. • 2.75/2.85" abrupt continuous rocker. • Rusty banked rail. • Full tip / tail profile. • Four 6° angled 0.9" long based forged aluminum fins. • Difference in rocker / fin reflects variance in sizing. • Impact top / nylon bottom. • Ridden by: Rusty Malinoski.
Explode Boots Size: XL
A clean cut comfortable look and all the features to back up its appearance! Though hidden, all the features are there. An underlay, the ankle strap and a lace-system well covered by full stretch wraps for great control and heel-hold. The thickness of the neoprene inner boot gives comfort and the lightweight plate combined with the heel kidneys make sure you feel safe and tight. Molded footbed, kevlar/polyester lace and an EVA padded tongue, what more can you want? The Explode offers affordable luxury at its very best.

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