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Рекомендовать ActiveJet AC-3ECR cyan ink for Canon (replacement Canon BCI-3eC) Premium

ActiveJet AC-3ECR cyan ink for Canon (replacement Canon BCI-3eC) Premium
Premium inkjet cartridge compatible with Canon printing equipment, designed as a replacement for the original BCI-3 cartridge. Product holds an increased volume of 15 mL of cyan dye-based ink covered by a 5-year warranty.nnActiveJet cartridges are designed for the customers who expect the best print quality. Our cartridges contain more ink than their OEM counterparts but the type of their ink closely matches the original.nnOur Quality Department, which we recently expanded, makes sure that all cartridges undergo numerous quality tests at all stages of the manufacturing process, which effectively eliminates the risk of printer errors and gives our customers the satisfaction of the best printout they can get.nnThe range of ActiveJet products includes supplies compatible with the most popular Hp, Lexmark, Epson, Brother and Canon cartridges.nnThere are two categories of ActiveJet cartridges available: Premium (refurbished, with non-converted printing heads) and Supreme (brand new), which offer the best quality.nnOur expertise and the cutting edge technology we use combine to bring great results, which has been confirmed by the top rating awarded to our products by independent media and experts. For details, please refer to the Certification section.
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сублимация красителя
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15 мл
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Canon BCI-3eC
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