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Iesaki Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A

Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A Adata Wireless charger CE700 5V 1A
ADATA Elite CE700 wireless charger utilizes the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi wireless charging specification. By simply placing the phone on the charging pad, power is automatically and wirelessly transferred to the device for charging, without the inconvenience of plugs or cables. With its unique design, you can quickly change from flat to standing charging mode. This flexible design lets you adjust the charging position according to your personal needs, and truly enjoy this outstanding new technology.nnCharging with No Strings Attached (Or cables)nThe CE700 charges compatible phones without the need for a cable, eliminating the hassle of having to find, untangle and connect power lines. This new style brings a simplicity and elegance to your technological life.nnJust Place to Start ChargingnThe ADATA Elite CE700 wireless charging pad implements the latest technology and the Qi specification. Simply align the phone's wireless charge receiving zone (Rx) with the CE700 charge sending send zone (Tx), and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.nnCharge Flat or UprightnA special design allows the CE700 to quickly morph from flat to standing charge mode. In standing charge mode the phone may be placed vertically or horizontally on the charging stand, according to the phone size and position of the wireless charging zone. This allows you to adjust the height of the phone on the charging stand, a feature unavailable on many other wireless chargers (Most wireless chargers support only a few models of wireless charging compatible phones in upright mode. The CE700 lets you align the charging position according to the specific needs of you and your phone: Flat charging, upright charging, whatever you need.nnHandy Phone StandnIn standing charge mode, the CE700 also acts as an easy-to-use phone stand that allows you to use all of your phone’s features while it charges.nnSafety ProtectionnThe CE700 is equipped with special protection mechanisms to ensure safety and peace of mind.nn- Foreign Object Detection (FOD): When there is a metallic object between the phone and the charging stand, the CE700 will automatically power off, and an LED light will alert the user.n- Overvoltage protection: If the voltage exceeds a safe level, the CE700 protection mechanism will stop charging, preventing damage to the CE700.n- Overheat protection: If the temperature becomes excessive, the CE700 will automatically stop the power supply in order to protect the charging stand and the cell phone from becoming damaged.n- Low power consumption: When CE700 is not charging a phone, it will automatically enter power saving mode.nnStylish Compact DesignnThe ergonomic curved edge design is made more comfortable to the touch through the use of premium materials. An aluminum back panel combined with an anti-slip rubber surface on the charging pad makes the CE700 beautiful to the eye as well as to the hand.nnUltra-Slim ProfilenCompared to the majority of upright wireless chargers on the market, the CE700 has compact body that radiates slim style.nnQi CertifiednQi is a set of guidelines established by the Wireless Power Consortium for inductive charging units. The CE700 has been professionally certified to meet the Qi specification, ensuring maximum compatibility and safety.nnCharging IndicatornThe attentively designed LED indicator lets you keep track of the wireless charging status.
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14 cm
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1,2 cm
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