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Iesaki Artwizz SmartJacket Różowy do iPhone 6 (5804-1340)

Artwizz SmartJacket Różowy do iPhone 6 (5804-1340) Artwizz SmartJacket Różowy do iPhone 6 (5804-1340)
- Front is made of polyurethane in a brushed metal design- Back is finished with rubberized coating for a comfortable grip- Front cover can be quickly and easily folded back
Slim, lighter all around protection for your iPhone 6The SmartJacket® offers reliable protection in a lightweight design, thanks to the front cover-clip combination and the special material we selected for the case. While the flat front cover protects the entire screen against scratches and bumps, the thin yet robust clip protects the back of the iPhone 6 against shocks and small drops.Our complete protection does not distract from the slim design of the iPhone 6. This phone case with front cover is so thin and true-to-form that it will even fit into your pants pocket. The exquisite protection is made by possible by the polycarbonate material of which the rubber clip is made. Thanks to the lower crystal ratio and special finishing, the case is less likely to break or collect scratches than many other protective cases.
Modern elegance and practical functionalityThe SmartJacket® is much more than an iPhone 6 case. The soft-touch coating gives the clip extra grip, the perfect hold and a great feel. Depending on the color of the SmartJacket®, the protective clip is either translucent or black.The front cover’s brushed finish gives the protective case a modern, metal look. The lining is velvety soft and is embossed with our Designed in Berlin slogan. So that the ultra-slim front flap covers the iPhone 6 screen.The combination of the matte backside and the light, slightly shimmery front makes for an interesting design. The SmartJacket® compliments the elegant design of the iPhone 6, but distinguishes itself in a sleek and elegant manner.
Perfect for your fast paced, mobile lifeWith one hand movement you can slip your iPhone 6 into the Rubber Clip and even less time you can use your SmartJacket®. Simply fold the front cover back and you’re on your way – make calls, write texts or surf the web. Closing the case is even easier – with a light twist of the wrist or by closing it with your hand.The front cover of the SmartJacket extends over the edge of your iPhone 6 screen, making it easier to open the case with just one hand. All around protection quickly and easily.We designed this iPhone 6 case for everyone looking for all-around protection and fast, well-designed usability in one – without adding extra bulk to the iPhone 6.SmartJacket® is available in black and titanium, as well as with translucent clip in white, gold, pink and mint.
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