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Iesaki ASUS 16’’ ASUS Midas Carry Bag, Black

ASUS 16’’ ASUS Midas Carry Bag, Black ASUS 16’’ ASUS Midas Carry Bag, Black ASUS 16’’ ASUS Midas Carry Bag, Black ASUS 16’’ ASUS Midas Carry Bag, Black ASUS 16’’ ASUS Midas Carry Bag, Black
Wherever you go – success follows!n- Offers more room for notebooks up to 16" in size, with portable sleeve includedn- Pockets for 7" tablets and other mobile devices, plus compartments for documents and work essentialsn- Extras-stylish with leather-treated straps and hook-on to trolleys for easier mobilityn- Ballistic 1680D nylon derived from body armor offers true durability and protection against even the most extreme damagennWelcome golden opportunities in style!nnMidas – the name brings to mind wealth, power, and a rare talent to make the most of every new venture. Just like the mythical Midas, you have the touch and want to show it. That's why you need a versatile bag that speaks of your business acumen and determination.nnOur new Midas is that bag. It's perfectly-suited to almost any portable device on the market, and looks wonderful, clad in luxurious materials that are also highly durable. One touch and you'll new this is pure long-lasting elegance, presented in an accessory to fall in love with. Wherever you may be, the singular style and versatility of Midas carry bags will allow you to make the most of each situation towards greater success.nnLet your abilities come forth as you head out to the world in search of greater success. With a companion as dependable, strong, and uniquely attractive as Midas, better fortunes are surely elemental!
Maksimālais displeja izmērs
406.4 mm (16")
Neilons, PU leather
1.71 kg
12 cm
46 cm
33 cm
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