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Iesaki Axle 3D GeForce 5500 FX 256MB DDR (128Bit) DVI/VGA (AX-55/256D1A8CDT)

Axle 3D GeForce 5500 FX 256MB DDR (128Bit) DVI/VGA (AX-55/256D1A8CDT) Axle 3D GeForce 5500 FX 256MB DDR (128Bit) DVI/VGA (AX-55/256D1A8CDT) Axle 3D GeForce 5500 FX 256MB DDR (128Bit) DVI/VGA (AX-55/256D1A8CDT) Axle 3D GeForce 5500 FX 256MB DDR (128Bit) DVI/VGA (AX-55/256D1A8CDT)
Experience true, fluid digital TV, console-class 3D gaming, high-fidelity surround sound, smooth DVD-quality video playback, and sharp, vivid photos – all with longer battery life for more hours of entertainment.
TRUE, FLUID DIGITAL TVThe NV GF 5500 GPU is compatible with new network standards, including DVB-H, ISDB-T and DMB, and data formats such as H.264 and WMV9, for broadcast television around the globe. The result – users get high quality content with fluid frame rates – just like broadcast television.
CONSOLE-CLASS 3D GAMINGThe all-new NV GF 5500 3D engine delivers up to 2.6M triangles per second and an unprecedented 200M pixels per second, barely sipping at your battery juice. You get more hours of console-class gaming – anytime, anywhere.
SMOOTH DVD-QUALITY VIDEO PLAYBACKNV GF GPUs are capable of both encoding (recording) and decoding (play back) video at a fluid 30 frames per second — delivering smooth, jitter-free, high-quality video.
HIGH-FIDELITY SURROUND SOUNDSurround sound processing and 3D audio effects will make you forget you're listening to a mobile phone. With the NV GF 5500 audio processor, portable audio never sounded better. High bit rate MP3, AAC and AAC+ playback at up to 320kbits/sec with equalizer effects and cross-fading are the new standard.
SHARP, VIVID PHOTOSThe NV GF 5500 raises the bar — up to 10-megapixel film-quality imaging — higher than most of the standalone digital cameras available today.
MORE HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT, LESS DRAIN ON TALK TIMENV nP technology offloads the main processor and runs multimedia applications on the GPU. Power required to run these applications is significantly reduced, while image quality is greatly improved.
Axle 3D
Atmiņas kopne
128 bit
Grafiskā adaptera atmiņas tips
Procesora taktātrums
270 MHz
Shader clock
Atmiņas taktātrums
400 MHz
Interfeisa tips
AGP 8x
VGA (D-Sub) pieslēgvietu skaits
DVI pieslēgvieta
DirectX versija
Dzesēšanas tips
Mac saderība
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