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Iesaki Belkin Flexible Glass Display Schutzfolie iPhone 6 F8W522vf

Belkin Flexible Glass Display Schutzfolie iPhone 6    F8W522vf Belkin Flexible Glass Display Schutzfolie iPhone 6    F8W522vf
INVISIGLASS™ IPHONE 6 SCREEN PROTECTORTrueClear™ Advanced Screen Protection for iPhone 6 is the best screen protector available, engineered for strength and clarity and tested to meet optometric standards. The result is a crystal clear screen protector that keeps your screen safe from damage while still giving you an incredible screen experience.Works with: iPhone 6.
LOOKS & FEELS LIKE GLASS, BECAUSE IT IS GLASSOur most advanced iPhone 6 screen protector is made with 100% real, flexible glass, making it 9x stronger than the competition and 2.5x smoother than regular plastic screen protectors. It’s also amazingly thin — only 0.2mm between you and your screen.
ENGINEERED WITH FluidFlex™ TECHNOLOGYA higher molecular density gives the InvisiGlass™ iPhone 6 Screen Protector its unbelievable strength, and makes it harder for foreign objects, like keys or concrete, to damage it. And thanks to specially engineered FluidFlex™ technology, the glass screen protector has a unique elasticity that actually absorbs the shock of impact.
THE SCIENCE BEHIND ITInvisiGlass™ Screen Protectors have a uniform molecular structure that preserves the vibrant color, resonance and clarity of your screen with virtually no distortion, so you can enjoy the brilliance of each and every pixel. The concentrated elastic bonding in the breakthrough material eliminates the friction that causes drag, giving you the exact same touch-sensitivity and glide as the naked screen itself.
PIXEL FOR PIXEL, CLEAREST PROTECTION AVAILABLEPatented TrueClear™ technology allows light to pass through our screen protectors precisely and evenly, giving you a level of sharpness and vibrancy higher than even the leading competitor’s high-definition products.
MARKET LEADER IN VISIBILITYOur screen protectors are tested for optical precision and clarity using the same methods optometrists use for eyeglasses. These tests, combined with third-party data, position TrueClear™ iPhone 6 screen protectors as the market leaders in visibility — the clearest screen protection you can buy.
FAST, EASY APPLICATIONApplying your iPhone 6 screen protector is fast and easy. Start by cleaning your screen with the included cleaning wipe and dust removal film, then peel the overlay from its backing and place it onto your screen. Finish by using the included smoothing card to push away creases and bubbles.
CASE-COMPATIBLETrueClear™ Advanced Screen Protectors fit your iPhone 6’s screen perfectly, and are designed to work with any case to give you 360° protection. Strong yet thin and lightweight, this iPhone 6 screen protector provides excellent defense against damage that will help keep your device looking like new.
LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTYEvery TrueClear™ High Definition for Retina Display iPhone 6 Screen Protector is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. So if your screen protector is ever scratched or damaged, send it back and we’ll be happy to replace it.
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0,2 mm
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