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Iesaki Belkin MIXIT Metallic Power Pack grau, 6600 mAh F8M989btGRY

Belkin MIXIT Metallic Power Pack grau, 6600 mAh       F8M989btGRY Belkin MIXIT Metallic Power Pack grau, 6600 mAh       F8M989btGRY Belkin MIXIT Metallic Power Pack grau, 6600 mAh       F8M989btGRY
CHARGE ANYWHEREThe MIXIT METALLIC Power Pack 6000 lets you keep your devices charged no matter where you are, just plug in your device for immediate automatic charging. 2 USB ports mean you can simultaneously charge 2 smartphones, and 3.4A total power ensures optimal charging for tablets. Charge your battery pack before you leave the house, and take the power to charge smartphones, tablets or any USB-enabled device wherever you go.
MADE FOR:- Smartphones- Tablets- Wearables- Action Cameras- USB-enabled devices
SMART POWEREnable auto charging simply by plugging your device in to the MIXIT METALLIC Power Pack 6000. Fully charged on arrival, it automatically detects your device and gets straight to work on powering it up. Recharging the Power Pack itself is also easy, just plug it in using the 6" Micro USB Cable provided.
GREAT AT MULTI-TASKINGThe MIXIT METALLIC Power Pack 6000 ensures that you'll always have an extra charge within reach. And it has two USB ports, which means you can charge a second device, such as a friend's smartphone, at the same time that you charge yours. With its compact and lightweight design, it's ideal for travel and easily slips into any handbag or backpack.
A POWER FORTRESSA huge battery capacity of 6000mAh means a huge amount of power that can be stored for days at a time. Charge your tablet at optimum speed with 3.4A power output, or recharge your smartphone up to 3 times without refueling the Power Pack.
BELKIN CONNECTED EQUIPMENT WARRANTYThe MIXIT METALLIC Power Pack 6000 is protected by a Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty. If your device is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the charger, Belkin will repair or replace it up to a value of $2,500.
MIX & MATCHThis Power Pack is part of the MIXIT Collection, which includes cables, chargers, audio and power accessories, so you can mix and match with other MIXIT products to create your favorite color combinations.
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITYCompatibility with any device that charges via USB cable, means tablets, smartphones, wearables, and other USB devices are all invited to power up with the Power Pack 6000.
At a Glance:- 2 USB ports (3.4A shared)- 2.4A input for 40% faster charging- 6000 mAh battery- Automatic Charging- LED indicator- Universal compatibility (any USB-enabled device)- $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty
Package Includes:- MIXIT METALLIC Power Pack 6000- 6" Micro-USB cable
Uzlādes saderība
Baterijas kapacitāte
6000 mAh
Vienlaikus pieslēgto ierīču skaits (max)
Izejas strāva
3,4 A
USB pieslēgvietu skaits
Ieejas strāva
Micro-USB connector

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