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Iesaki Belkin F8M599vf2

Belkin F8M599vf2 Belkin F8M599vf2
Tough, Triple-Layer Technology Heals in Seconds
Watch Scratches DisappearThis extreme protection overlay will keep your screen looking its best. The amazing self-repairing material offers continuous damage control, erasing scratches and scuffs almost instantly.
The triple-layer technology incorporates a PET plastic base with silicone adhesive for easy application and superior cling, an inner anti-scratch film topped with a layer of TPU rubber, covered with a hard coating to facilitate healing.
Defend Your DeviceAvoid damage without affecting your touchscreen’s functionality. Strong, yet thin and lightweight, the overlay provides excellent protection that will help keep your device looking like new.
Tru Clear™See your screen, not the overlay. Tru Clear™ technology ensures optimal screen visibility.
Fast InstallApplying the overlay is fast and easy. Simply clean your phone screen with the included cleaning wipe, peel the overlay from its backing and place it onto your screen. Then use the included smoothing card to push away creases and bubbles.
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Mobilais tālrunis/ viedtālrunis
Galaxy S 4
Audums tīrīšanai
Smoothing card
Displeja diagonāle
12,7 cm (4.99")
Skaits iepakojumā
2 pcs
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