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Iesaki Big Bobby-Car Radiowóz policyjny ze światłem (800056011)

Big Bobby-Car Radiowóz policyjny ze światłem (800056011) Big Bobby-Car Radiowóz policyjny ze światłem (800056011) Big Bobby-Car Radiowóz policyjny ze światłem (800056011)
The BIG Bobby Car Classic Police allows budding police officers to stop young criminals in their tracks both indoors and outdoors. The high-quality chassis of the police car has been blow-moulded and is therefore exceptionally tough. The ergonomic design and comfortable seat ensure carefree driving. To make sure it stays that way for a long time, a knee recess integrated into the seat makes the car a big it with older children, too. The realistic flashing light and siren sound fitted onto the bonnet provides an audible and visual alert to other playground users and comes with an auto switch-off function.The design of the police car is also a real eye-catcher. The stylish silver finish in combination with dark blue stickers looks just like the new design of German police cars. As a special extra, each ride-on vehicle is supplied with a set of stickers with the word "Police" in four different languages, as well as bright and cheerful images. This means that young drivers can quickly adapt their BIG Bobby Car Classic Police for use abroad.The BIG Bobby Car Classic Police is made from high-quality and light-resistant materials and meets the stringent BIG Quality standards. The high manufacturing standard and excellent quality of materials are guaranteed by the BIG 3-year guarantee and BIG quality passport. As with all BIG products, the BIG Bobby Car Classic Police has been tested by the German inspection authority TÜV-Rheinland in accordance with strict safety guidelines (GS).Thanks to its child-friendly appearance, resilient design and versatile functions, the BIG BOBBY CAR is world's best selling ride-on vehicle. This iconic red car has been produced since 1972 and more than 18 million of them can now be found in playrooms and front gardens around the world.
Ekrāna veids
580 mm
30 cm
38 cm
Minimālais vecums
1 gads
Iekštelpu un āra
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