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Iesaki Bęben DR3300 30 tys. do DCP8110/MFC85x0/HL54x0

Bęben DR3300 30 tys. do DCP8110/MFC85x0/HL54x0
With Brother laser products the toner and drum work independently – this is cheaper to run than those where the two units are combined. If one runs out, you don't have to replace both items simultaneously, substantially reducing waste, saving precious resources and your cash.nnBut don't be tempted to cut corners by using cheap consumables, as this can mean poor results, and in extreme cases could invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer's original consumables will always be the best choice, as they have been designed to deliver the best performance from our machines.nnWhy not do your bit for the environment and return your used toner and drum units to our award winning recycling factory in Wales. Visit www.brothergreen.co.uk for further information.
Lappušu apjoms
30000 lappuses
Drukāšanas tehnoloģija
285 x 193 x 67 mm
Iepakojuma svars (bruto)
1.221 kg
Iepakojuma izmēri
361 x 255 x 147 mm
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