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Iesaki Connect IT szkło na iPhone 6 PLUS - (CI-604)

Connect IT szkło na iPhone 6 PLUS - (CI-604) Connect IT szkło na iPhone 6 PLUS - (CI-604)
ultimate protectio

Simply apply the screen protector on your smartphone’s screen and it will become as tough as ever with a protection equivalent to 9H hardness. The tempered glass protector will provide an efficient protection against bumps, falls and scratches for your screen. Do note that the CONNECT IT protector perfectly preserves the image without distortion, mirroring effect and do not affect the touch control. The tempered protection’s flawless shape is designed to perfectly match your phone’s model and has rounded corners to keep you safe from any harm when handling your phone.
trouble-free binding
The package includes everything you will need to easily bind the protector to your smartphone’s screen: damp cleaning cloth to wash the eventual dirt, microfiber cloth to polish it as well as a plastic spatula to help you complete the work without any difficulty.
- The protective tempered glass film- Perfect shape- Compatible with all mobile phones sleeves- Made from tempered glass- High sensitivity touch- Rounded edges- 9H hardness – 3 times stronger than standard foil- Leaves no bubbles- Package contents: protective film from tempered glass, damp cleaning cloth, microfiber cloth, plastic spatula
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Connect IT
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Melns, Caurspīdīgs
iPhone 6 PLUS
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Smoothing card
Tempered glass
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