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Рекомендовать Słuchawki z mikrofonem CM STORM RESONAR Gaming

Słuchawki z mikrofonem CM STORM RESONAR Gaming
Powerful SoundnnResonar includes exclusive 8mm drivers with patented BassFX technology that produce crystal clear sound and powerful bass, making Resonar able to fulfill gamer's needs for explosive combat and a wide variety of musical genres.nnAluminum HousingnnThe housing is constructed from high-grade aluminum and is specially engineered for gamers to offer the finest quality and durability over a long lifespan. The included passive noise cancellation rubber caps outperforms some active noise canceling systems in the market.nnAudio / Mic SplitternnTo ensure compatibility with multiple computer and mobile devices while providing a pure audio experience, an add-on splitter with gold-plated connectors is included.nnIn-line Mic and RemotennAn inline microphone with a precise sensor enables Resonar to record clearer audio while avoiding background noise. Avoid irritating wire tangles with Resonar's mess-free cable system and switch between gaming and phone calls easily with its included remote.nnInside the headset – quality componentsnnThe CM Storm Resonar is a premium in-ear headset forged for the competitive gamer who demands portability and exceptional sound quality to aid them in making split-second decisions. Whether playing a PC game, speaking with friends and family over the Internet, listening to music, or watching videos, Resonar was designed to provide a superb audio experience.
Стиль ношения
Cooler Master
Тип гарнитуры
Цвет товара
Чёрный, красный
Длина кабеля
1.2 м
Частота наушников
20 - 20000 Гц
Полное сопротивление
20 Ω
Диаметр динамика
8 мм
Microphone frequency
100 - 10000 Гц
Microphone sensitivity
-44 дБ
Ширина упаковки
4,350 см
Глубина упаковки
10,600 см
Высота упаковки
17,100 см
21,4 г
Технология подключения
Тип интерфейса
3.5 mm (1/8")
Вес упаковки
138,4 г
Футляр для транспортировки
Тип направленности микрофона
Подушечки для наушников
Plug & Play
Тип наушников
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