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Iesaki Cullmann Lagos Compact 200 Black 95750

Cullmann Lagos Compact 200 Black 95750 Cullmann Lagos Compact 200 Black 95750 Cullmann Lagos Compact 200 Black 95750 Cullmann Lagos Compact 200 Black 95750 Cullmann Lagos Compact 200 Black 95750
LAGOS Compact primarily stands for safety, colour and design. The stable protective outer shell and the soft, heavy padded inner lining of the DOUBLE PROTECTION system guarantee optimal safety underway. Perfectly tuned to cameras, mobile phones. MP3 players and external hard disks, the hard shell cases are available in different sizes and colours.
The double belt loop fastening system permits to carry the camera safely close to the body or to remove the case quickly by a velcro closure (QUICK+SAFE SYSTEM).
With the supplied strap, which is quickly fastened to the back of the case by means of a snap hook, the LAGOS Compact hard-shell cases can be carried around the neck handily but still casually. A rigid two-way zipper and a useful interior compartment for memory cards complete the comfort of the LAGOS Compact case series.
- Robust hard shell with heavy padded innner lining for optimal safety (DOUBLE PROTECTION)- Ideal for compact cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, external hard disks etc.- Specially soft inner lining to protect the sensitive display surfaces- Double belt loop fastening system (QUICK + SAFE SYSTEM)- Length adjustable neck strap with snap hook- Practical interior compartment for memory cards- Different sizes and different up-to-date colours
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70 x 30 x 100 mm
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