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Iesaki DiCAPac WP-C10i blau

DiCAPac WP-C10i blau DiCAPac WP-C10i blau DiCAPac WP-C10i blau DiCAPac WP-C10i blau DiCAPac WP-C10i blau DiCAPac WP-C10i blau DiCAPac WP-C10i blau
Record radical moments with your digital camera protected by a Hama "DiCAPac" outdoor/underwater case.
Surfing, snowboarding, skydiving - as hobbies become more extreme, you need to take more extreme measures to ensure that your camera is protected so that you don’t have to miss a shot just because you’re in the sea! The “DiCAPac” case allows you to go underwater to 5m and still produce amazing photos, no need for a specialized underwater camera.
The Hama “DiCAPac” protects digital cameras against water, snow, sand and dust; essentially a waterproof bag to put your camera in the “DiCAPac” takes nothing away from the quality of your photos. With a UV filter to ensure resistance to UV light and an integrated lens attachment to enable optimum zooming you don’t have to compromise on anything whilst keeping your camera protected.
The watertight fastening with additional hook and loop closure secure the opening to keep your camera safe and protected from the elements. Water, sand, snow and dust are unable to do any damage. Made from soft silicone and PVC it’s easy to operate your camera through the transparent case and the integrated lens attachment can be unscrewed to clean the lens easily. With the “DiCAPac” case from Hama you can have amazing adventures without having to leave your camera behind!
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