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Iesaki BacPac Mission Pure Black plecak

BacPac Mission Pure Black  plecak BacPac Mission Pure Black  plecak BacPac Mission Pure Black  plecak
With the "BacPac Mission" DICOTA has developed a comfortable Notebook backpack with a modern and sporty design. Trendy features: rubber-surfaced, transparent zipper lashes as well as carabiner. nnThe effective protective cushioning made of high-density foam surrounds the Notebook completely and protects it reliably. The Notebook strap offers additional safety which keeps the Notebook strapped down. In the large main compartment documents and mobile equipment can be easily stowed away. The workstation creates order for mobile phone, pens, keys and more. The integrated zipper-locked compartment can be used for personal things. The front pocket offers room for the power supply unit and cables. The protected multimedia compartment with its water-resistant cable opening for headphones can store an MP3/CD player or an iPOD. Listening to music on the road is a true pleasure. The BacPac Mission with its water-resistant durable material offers additional protection for the Notebook and other mobile equipment. nnThe BacPac Mission is equipped with an ergonomically formed shoulder straps as well as an active breathable back cushioning. The adjustable chest strap and hip strap with cushioned flaps provide for secure active fastening and excellent carrying comfort. The latches are made of high-quality synthetic material. The reflective material on the front side provide for optimal safety in the dusk and dark. nnBacPac Mission is available in the colors: ocean blue, ruby red, bright orange, lime green and pure black!
Maksimālais displeja izmērs
416.6 mm (16.4")
1 kg
Datora nodalījuma izmēri
390 x 55 x 285 mm
Minimālais displeja izmērs
38,1 cm (15")
340 x 130 x 450 mm

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