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Iesaki Drobo 5D DRDR5A31

Drobo 5D                DRDR5A31 Drobo 5D                DRDR5A31 Drobo 5D                DRDR5A31 Drobo 5D                DRDR5A31 Drobo 5D                DRDR5A31
Everything You’d Expect in a Drobo
Designed from the ground up to meet the data storage needs of today’s media creators and demanding professionals, the 5D builds on Drobo’s fully automated functionality with blazing-fast performance in a compact design. Leveraging cutting-edge Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity, along with the innovative use of solid state drives (SSDs) – Drobo 5D is the highest-performing personal storage array on the planet. Not only is it fast, Drobo 5D is easy-to-use, expandable, flexible, and guaranteed safe.
Leave Your Limitations Behind… Go BeyondRAID®
Built on our award-winning BeyondRAID technology, the Drobo 5D protects your data without any intervention – even in the event of multiple drive failures. You can even switch from single to dual disk redundancy with a single click, ensuring enterprise-level dual parity data protection when required. Drobo’s with BeyondRAID are also self-healing and have virtual hot-spares. If a drive happens to fail, Drobo will automatically re-layout the data to return to a protected state without disruption.
Drobo takes the up front guess work out of determining the amount of capacity you require. Buy the capacity you need today, and when you need more storage, simply replace your smallest drive with a larger one and immediately use that capacity in seconds. You can even mix and match drive brands, capacities and speeds.
To further enhance your experience, every Drobo comes with Smart Volume technology. Smart Volumes™ are thinly provisioned volumes that automatically utilize capacity as needed from a common pool of storage. Additionally, as data is deleted, free capacity is returned to that common pool, immediately increasing the available capacity.
BeyondRAID along with Smart Volumes deliver next-generation storage technology by bringing together enhanced data protection, reliability, expandability, and ease-of-use.
Enhanced Backup for Time Machine
Time Machine and Drobo: A Perfect PairingApple’s Time Machine was designed to make backing up your files simple and painless. Pairing Time Machine with Drobo improves your data protection by ensuring your data is safe in the event of hard drive failure.
Control How Much Storage Time Machine UsesApple’s guidelines are to set the storage space for Time Machine at twice the size of the Mac’s hard drive that is to be protected. Time Machine users know that it will gradually use all available disk space without an easy way to stop this from happening. With Drobo you can easily control the maximum storage space available for Time Machine backups through Drobo Dashboard. When you install a Drobo, Drobo Dashboard prompts to see if you want to create a dedicated storage volume for Time Machine’s use, allowing you to set the size of this volume.
Compact, Expandable Design
Expanding your storage capacity with a Drobo couldn’t be easier. There’s no long, risky process to add capacity to a Drobo – no need to go through the time consuming and complex administration of destroying your RAID sets and recreating with larger drives; and then finally restoring from your backup. When it’s time to add storage capacity to a Drobo, simply insert additional disk drives or replace the smallest disks with larger ones. The unique compact, carrier-less drive-bay design results in an attractive, efficient storage array that won’t dominate your valuable desk space.
If you’re running low on space, the lights on the front of the Drobo 5D tell you exactly what to do. The innovative, user-friendly industrial design allows you to add or hot-swap larger capacity drives, without tools, on the fly, for storage expansion with zero downtime. Expand your capacity without missing a beat while safely storing and backing up all personal data with ease and peace of mind. It’s that simple!
Capacity and Performance
Usually reserved for larger enterprise-class storage solutions, the Drobo 5D gives you the option to implement Hot Data Caching through the Drobo Accelerator Bay. This feature intelligently uses high-performance flash to accelerate performance, allowing the fastest possible access to your data.
To keep capacity of your Drobo 5D at a maximum, the Drobo Accelerator Bay accepts an industry-standard mSATA SSD, leaving all five 3.5” drives bays available for high-capacity HDDs.
If getting the fastest performance possible is your thing, you can also load up every drive bay with SSDs. Drobo 5D gives you the flexibility to choose!
Connectivity Without Compromise
Drobo Mini and the Drobo 5D are the only storage solutions that offer Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity in the same box.
Multiple thunderbolt ports allow you to simultaneously connect up to six Thunderbolt devices at once. With bi-directional 10 Gbps performance, Thunderbolt technology allows all devices in the chain to achieve maximum throughput.
This latest generation of USB 3.0 offers 5Gbps high-performance connectivity and is backward compatible with any computer running qualified versions of Mac OS X or Windows.
Power Protecting Your Critical Data
The Drobo 5D doesn’t just protect from drive failures, it also includes a battery backup system that protects all data in memory or cache. That’s right, Enterprise grade data protection for you on your Drobo 5D! If power spontaneously goes away, the Drobo stays alive long enough for the data to be written to disk, ensuring your important information is always safe. The onboard battery recharges itself and is designed to last for the life of the product.
Storage server
18,5 cm
15 cm
26,2 cm
3.9 kg
Pievienoti kabeļi
AC, Thunderbolt, USB
Iepakojuma svars (bruto)
5.9 kg
Ethernet/LAN savienojums
Iepakojuma platums
25,4 cm
Iepakojuma augstums
35,6 cm
Dzesēšanas tips
Ieejas spriegums
100-240 V
Ieejošās AC frekvence
50/60 Hz
Iepakojuma dziļums
35,6 cm
Korpusa veids
Number of storage drives supported
Storage drive size
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A ports quantity
Trokšņu līmenis
24 dB
Windows OS atbalsts
Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter x64, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Windows 8, Window
Supported storage drive types
Storage drives installed
Storage drive interface
Serial ATA II, Serial ATA III
Power supply unit (PSU) capacity
150 W
Izejas spriegums
12 V
Izejas strāva
12,5 A
Hot-swap drive bays
Device class
Home & Home Office
Atbalstāmās failu sistēmas
USB pieslēgvieta
Thunderbolt pieslēgvietu skaits
Kabeļa saslēga slots
Drošības kabeļa tips
Mazāk disku nodalījumu
Backup function
Mac operētājsistēmu atbalsts
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
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