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Iesaki Ewa-Marine iWPC

Ewa-Marine iWPC Ewa-Marine iWPC
We`ve especially developed for the Apple iPhone the new ewa-marine iWP housing. It protect you mobile phone from sand, dust, water and so on. The housing swim`s, is waterproof and you can protect your cell phone everywhere. Of course you also can use beside your Apple iPhone the Apple iPod Touch or any other mobile phone inside if it fit. The iWP has a special clear film in the corner on the back so that you can use your camera from the iPhone with no restrictions.
Of course, you also can use your Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch directly in the housing trough the plastic. The touchpa isn't effected by the pouch in any way. Hearing and speaking is also not influenced by the pouch (we measured a quality loss of 5% when using the phone inside the pouch).
Apple iPhone & iPod Touch
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