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Iesaki Ewa-Marine D-B

Ewa-Marine D-B Ewa-Marine D-B
The ewa-marine D-B underwater housing is desigend for the compact MFT / Micro-Four-Thirds and other socalled mirrorless SLR or CSC / Compact-System-Cameras and can be used on small boats, in the surf, while swimming, snorkeling or diving. It`s easy to operate the camera as its various components and buttons can be operated through the PVC. It actually sports a specisl finger-"glove" that allows easy access to the shuttor button and finger tip control.
With this housing, a whole new world of applications opens up for your digital camera. Inside the housing you can now take the camera safely canoeing, snorkeling or even diving, up to a depth of 20 m / 60 ft.
Experienced photographers have confirmed, that the auto focus and flash both continue to function perfectly. As you descend, the air is pressed into the camera. Due to this, the pressure inside the housing will remain the same as the surrounding water pressure (this is the reason why ewa-marine housings are so safe to use: implosions are impossible). Due to this, we have to start the dive with a suitable amount of air inside the housing. The foam pads supplied with the housing are part of this air "reservoir" to ensure that the maximum potential volume is being utilised.
The D-B housing is manufactured from double laminated PVC and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass port. The flip-up, internal flash, that can be found on some models will fit into the specially designed section on the top of the housing, allowing its use above and under water.
It has a pair of non-corrosive and seawater resistant clamping rails which fit together for perfect sealing. They tighten by means of three screw knobs.
It is supplied in a handy yellow carry-case which has a water-proof interior and zippered side-pocket.
Please Note:We recommend the use of a mounted flash for scuba diving. The D-AX housing is the perfect solution in this case.
Lens issue:The Samsung 1:3,5-5,6 20-50mmII lens needs the ewa-marine AV110 adapter, that does not fit into the D-B. If you have this lens, please use the slightly larger ewa-marine D-A housing.
You will receive the following with your new D-B:
- Yellow carry-case which has a water-proof interior and zippered side-pocket.- Manual for ewa-marine SLR-photo housings.- Initial supply of CD5.- Specially profiled foam padding.- Ewa-marine adapters A49, 52, 62mm for the respective filter threads.
Melns, Caurspīdīgs, Dzeltens
Ūdensiztruība līdz
20 m
400 g
120 mm
150 mm
12,5 cm
Putas, PVC
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