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Iesaki Wkrętarka FDS 1006-A

Wkrętarka FDS 1006-A
The cordless screwdriver is equipped with a head with six bits on folding arms enabling individual bits to be easily swapped without risking their loss. On the head with the bits there is a extension attachment that serves not only as an extension element but also as a reduction for short bits. Handling and working in various spaces is made easier by the handle of the screwdriver, which can be set to two work positions – straight and pistol. Apart from the rotation direction, the screwdriver is equipped with a LED light for better visibility of the work area. The LED battery power indicator will notify you in time that the screwdriver needs to be recharged again.
Ātrums tukšgaitā
200 RPM
Vibrācijas emisija
2 m/s²
Baterijas spriegums
Baterijas uzlādes līmeņa indikators
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