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Рекомендовать Laminator Inspire A4 25cm/min, nagrz. 7 min

Laminator Inspire A4 25cm/min, nagrz. 7 min Laminator Inspire A4 25cm/min, nagrz. 7 min Laminator Inspire A4 25cm/min, nagrz. 7 min
The GBC Inspire A4 laminator is the simple, cost-effective solution for protecting documents against spills, grease and light to ensure they stay pristine for years to come.n
It’s the perfect choice for occasional use in the home or small office where documents range from ID card up to A4 size. From timetables to training documents, photos or recipe cards, the GBC Inspire A4 laminator enables you to heat-seal a range of everyday documents in tough, wipe-clean, crystal-clear plastic quickly and easily.n
The GBC Inspire A4 has a single temperature setting designed to take 2 x 75 micron pouches (150 micron in total), the most popular pouch thickness which provides a good level of protection for general office documents.n
Just plug in, switch on and wait for the ‘ready’ light to indicate that the operating temperature has been reached. With only 7 minutes warm-up time required you can get to work quickly, making the GBC Inspire A4 perfect for light use. Simply insert your document into a laminating pouch and feed it into the laminator for a perfect, quality finish every time.n
Modern and stylish, the GBC Inspire A4 will suit most office and home environments. It’s lightweight and compact too and will sit neatly on an individual desk or kitchen unit. And the slim body design makes it easy to store and move around.
360 мм
9 см
7,8 см
1.07 кг
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Встроенный экран
Время предварительного нагрева
7 мин
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38,5 см
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11,1 см
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11,3 см
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1,238 кг
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