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Iesaki Geomag Ppr Just Panels 60 elementów 591

Geomag Ppr Just Panels 60 elementów 591 Geomag Ppr Just Panels 60 elementów 591 Geomag Ppr Just Panels 60 elementów 591 Geomag Ppr Just Panels 60 elementów 591
PRO Just Panels kit contains panels of various shapes that allow you to build even more colorful and interesting structures. It consists of 12 transparent red pentagons, 20 transparent green triangles, 16 blue transparent squares and 12 transparent yellow diamonds.The line Geomag PRO Panels allows to develop ingenious construction even richer in details thanks to the special length of the rods of 27mm. The addition of the panels allows you to build structures more solid and colorful. Ideal for all Geomag fans, for 14 years and above, who want to test their creativity.Geomag PRO is the original construction system consisting of 27 mm magnetic rods and metal spheres. A huge number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind can be constructed. Geomag stimulates creativity and logical reasoning. The variety of the shapes and their transformations make it possible to renew structures continuously. Imagination is all that is needed to create a unique masterpiece.Geomagworld SA is the manufacturer of Geomag toys. All products are designed both to entertain and to stimulate the imagination and curiosity. Geomag toy can also become an amusing pastime for the whole family, reuniting parents and children in an activity of extraordinary creativity. Geomag is produced in line with the strictest criteria of quality and safety typical of Swiss products and is manufactured in compliance with stringent European and American safety.
Minimālais vecums
14 gadi
Zils, Zaļš, Sarkans, Dzeltens
Number of pieces
66 pcs
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