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Iesaki Hama ND 2-400 Vario 49 Graufilter 79149

Hama ND 2-400 Vario           49 Graufilter                 79149
The Variable ND Filter 49 mm from Hama is a must have for avid photographers
Although primarily developed to reduce light when it is too bright, this is not the only feature of this fantastic filter from Hama. As well as having the ability to control the light going into the picture by lengthening the exposure time between +1 and +8 aperture stops, it also allows the photographer to use large apertures while taking pictures outside backround gets hazy. This will create an overall clearer, sharper image, with a higher quality more professional appearance. Furthermore, by covering the lens it gives added protection against grime, dust, fingerprints and scratches that can cause the quality of images to otherwise significantly deteriorate. The protection of your camera lens can also help to increase the resale price of your camera when the time comes for an upgrade, because your lens is still in mint condition.
The Variable ND Filter 49 mm has rotatable front lens so you really can get that perfect precision picture everytime and in case of exposure times longer than 1/30 seconds, water ""flows"" (if they are shorter, it freezes to ice).
At such good value for money and with such a huge improvement in image quality, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will wonder what you ever did without it. Protect your lens with Hama today!
- Variable filter for specific reduction of the amount of light- Suitable for lenses/zoom lenses with a filter thread- For digital/analogue photo, system and video cameras- Is also a UV filter- Rotary mount for individual adjustment- Possibility to lengthen the exposure time between +1 and +8 (ND2-400) aperture stops- Coating : one layer on each side- Quality standard (glass): high-quality lens glass
Impact on the pictures:
- Allows large apertures e.g. when shooting portraits when it is extremely bright: due to a blurred background the photographed person is clearly visible in the foreground- Due to long exposure times flowing water gets "soft"- Creates an impressionistic flair in poor light conditions
Filtra izmērs
49 mm
Skaits iepakojumā
Filtra veids
Neutral density
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