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Iesaki Hama Amalfi 90 Czarny (1038530000)

Hama Amalfi 90 Czarny (1038530000) Hama Amalfi 90 Czarny (1038530000)
The Changing Face of the Compact Camera
The gradual evolution of cameras from their film devouring, large and bulky predecessors to their current digital, high capacity, light and compact forms has led to suitable protection and storage evolving simultaneously along-side them. Due to increased portability cameras are now more often than not slipped into bags or pockets in order to accompany us on nights out, holidays and events such as parties and weddings which can leave them exposed to accumulations of dirt and dust or damage from knocking against other items (e.g keys in your pocket) if sufficient protection isn’t provided.
Portable and Practical: The Hama Amalfi Camera Bag
Protecting your camera or camcorder on the go couldn’t be easier with the stylish and compact Hama Amalfi 90 Camera Bag. Made out of durable polyester, the perfectly sized bag withstands dust, grime, scratches, knocks and bumps whilst fitting your camera snuggly inside a soft fleece inner lining to prevent damage to the sensitive viewing screen and components. There is even a secure zipped front pocket for the safe storage of small accessories such as memory cards, so you can always keep a spare one tucked away ready for when you need it without worrying about it getting lost or damaged at the bottom of a bag or pocket.
Designed with transportation in mind, the case features a secure double zip fastener to ensure that your camera doesn’t fall out when the case is being moved around on the go yet is quick and easy to access when needed, and there is both a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap belt loop and a removable neck strap so that you can carry the case in the way that is most comfortable and convenient for you. Alternatively just slip in a bag for instantaneous access whenever the next photo or video opportunity strikes.
- Functional camera/video bag;- For medium-sized digital cameras and camcorders;- Double zipper opening for quick access;- Front pocket for accessories;- Adjustable shoulder strap;- Handle;- Inside lining made of soft fleece.
Saderīgas ierīces
Photo/Video Camera
Iekšējie izmēri
130 x 70 x 75 mm
130 g

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