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Iesaki Hasbro Classic Jenga

Hasbro Classic Jenga Hasbro Classic Jenga Hasbro Classic Jenga Hasbro Classic Jenga Hasbro Classic Jenga
Want a game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck? You gotta get the Classic Jenga game! It’s the perfect game for everyone, with edge-of-your-seat, gravity-defying action. Do you dive right in and pull your block, or take your time and study the stack? Any way you choose, show your Jenga style!n
How do you stack up?n
It’s a simple equation. Gather your friends together, throw in a lot of laughter and a little attitude, and get the Classic Jenga party started. Pull the block, stack it on top, and hope the tower doesn’t crash down! Classic Jenga is the easy game that you can play anytime, anywhere – and any way you like. Whether you are serene, scientific, or sneaky when you choose your block, you’ll have fun. Be the life of your party with Classic Jenga!n
Includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions .n
Features:nn- Keep the tower from crashing downn- It takes skill, strategy, and luck!n- It’s fun, not fussyn- Challenge yourself or play with friendsn- Genuine hardwood blocksn- Simple, solid, and timeless
Minimālais vecums
6 gadi
Minimum number of players
Recommended gender
Any gender

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