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Iesaki Kensington Back Case for iPhone 5 Różowy K39682WW

Kensington Back Case for iPhone 5 Różowy K39682WW Kensington Back Case for iPhone 5 Różowy K39682WW
Your new iPhone® is nearly perfect. Keep it that way with the Kensington Back Case for iPhone® 5/5s. This sturdy shell covers the back of your iPhone in a protective layer of ultra-thin rubber that rejects scratches, absorbs shock and makes it far more secure to hold onto. The Kensington Back Case was designed to fit your iPhone perfectly, so it won’t interfere with any of the ports, controls, touchscreen or the camera. Plus, it maintains the slim, sleek profile, so it still slips easily into a pocket or purse.
Ultimately, the single biggest risk to your iPhone is damage from being dropped. The slightly tacky, wonderfully tactile finish of the Kensington Back Case makes it much easier to maintain a secure grip on your iPhone, so you won’t drop it in the first place. And don’t let the name fool you—despite being called the Kensington Back Case, it also helps to protect the front of your iPhone. That’s because it features a small lip on the front that helps recess the screen when you place it on a table or other flat surface. And that can help prevent protect your iPhone from scratches.
- Form fitting protection- Easy to grip and carry- Protection from bumps and scratches- Access to all ports, controls, touchscreen and camera
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iPhone 5/5s
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