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Iesaki Lastolite Skylite Grip Head Halterung

Lastolite Skylite Grip Head Halterung
Skylite Frames, Fabrics & Accessories
Skylite frames, fabrics and accessories are available separately, so that you can mix and match as you choose. The range of materials includes ‘Sunfire’ - Lastolite’s combination of Gold and Silver, which provides a uniquely warm, soft light, ideal for skin tones.
The Skylite griphead (8446) allows the Skylite to be attached to lighting stands and tilted as required, whilst the floor bracket (8447) enables the Skylite to stand alone, ideal when shooting without an assistant.
- Incredibly light but extremely strong.- Rust Resistant.- Elastic cord runs through the aluminium frame to keep sections together.- Fabric covers are double-sided and velcroed into place for a taut finish.- Kit dismantles in moments without removing fabric.- All sizes fit into one bag.
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