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Iesaki Mattel Lodziarnia - BHG09

Mattel Lodziarnia - BHG09 Mattel Lodziarnia - BHG09 Mattel Lodziarnia - BHG09 Mattel Lodziarnia - BHG09
Taking Little People® friend Sofie for ice cream? What a treat! Head for the Little People® Ice Cream Shop to help her choose her favorite flavor and order from the Little People® Shopkeeper (inside the shop or at the takeout window!). Then, take the tray of sweets to the umbrella table and chairs or park bench to enjoy. It’s almost as yummy as going out for real ice cream!
Features- Looks just like a real ice cream shop, with menu, takeout window, open & close gate and outdoor café- Molded in cash register, menu and trash can add to the pretend play- Includes shop with Sofie and Shopkeeper figures, tray of ice cream, umbrella table with 2 chairs and park bench fence piece.
Fine MotorOpening and closing the gate, placing figures around the shop, and pushing the tray through the takeout window all help finger/hand dexterity.
Imagination & CreativityTaking Sofie for ice cream? Help her choose her favorite flavor, order from the Shopkeeper, and take the tray to the table or park bench to enjoy!
Minimālais vecums
1 gads
Fisher Price
Ar zīmējumu
Recommended gender
Any gender
Maksimālais vecums
5 gads(i)
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