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Iesaki Metz mecalight LED-72 smart

Metz mecalight LED-72 smart Metz mecalight LED-72 smart Metz mecalight LED-72 smart Metz mecalight LED-72 smart Metz mecalight LED-72 smart
Perfect light for perfect momentsnnWhether photos or videos: the mecalight LED-72 smart provides the right light in difficult lighting conditions – allowing you to use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to perfectly stage every motif and drastically increase the quality of your shots!nn- exceptional clarityn- reduced image noisen- more brilliant coloursn- harmonious mood lightingn- no red-eye effectnnThe mecalight LED-72 smart rotates and swivels, and can be attached simply by plugging it into the headphone jack. So you can comfortably use it with one hand. Thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery, the mecalight LED-72 smart can also be used independently of your mobile device.nnPriceless selfies from your nights outnnWith the mecalight LED-72 smart, selfies are just as great at night or in dark rooms: with the help of the jack plug with rotating and swivelling base, you can easily turn the light and focus it directly on yourself while you look at your selfie on your smartphone screen.nnThanks to the 51 bright LEDs everyone can stand in the spotlight – even in a group selfie. When taking mirror-selfies you can use the flash independently of your smartphone e.g. place it on the table and illuminate yourself and your outfit like a pro.nnThe mecalight LED-72 smart is so compact and handy that you can take it with you anywhere – at the next party or on holiday you will always have the perfect light for photos and videos right with you!nnPowerful light in a cool designnnThe mecalight LED-72 smart not only offers plenty of powerful light and refined technology but also looks good – it’s available in 5 stylish colours: black, white, green, pink and blue.nnYour smart everyday companionnnSmart for more than just photos and videos: the handy mecalight LED-72 smart fits in every pocket – and can also be used on the go as a practical torch or signal lamp.
Baterijas tehnoloģija
Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Mobilās ierīces tips
Mobile phone/smartphone
Iebūvēta baterija
Baterijas uzlādes laiks
2,75 h

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