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Iesaki MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED)

MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED) MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED) MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED) MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED) MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED) MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED) MODECOM MC-400 Czerwone (S-MC-400-CIRCUIT-RED)
MODECOM company presents its latest series of city headphones MODECOM CIRCUIT. Presented series of headphones consist of three high-end models, that allow you to manifest your favorite style of character feature. Headphones are available in the following colors: blue, red and yellow.
HIGHEST QUALITY, PUREST SOUNDIn addition to the attractive, modern design MODECOM MC-400 CIRCUIT headphones offers you high-quality, clear, pristine and incredible sound. High range of supported by the phones frequencies provides an immersive sound when you listening both low and high tones. MODECOM CIRCUIT headphones also was equipped with built-in microphone, which allows to make a calls via smartphone or mobile phone.
USER-FRIENDLY PRODUCTDo you live in the fast lane and under the pressure of time waiting for another phone and you do not have a time to listen to the music? Thanks to newest headphones MODECOM MC-400 CIRCUIT you can listen to your favorite music and talk over the phone. Thanks to located on the power cord sensitive microphone you can successfully use presented headphones with your cell phone. Moreover, answer/end call button allows you in a comfort way use your mobile phone without removing it from the pocket. Due to the fact that the MODECOM CIRCUIT headphones was designed especially for use with mobile devices, is characterized by low weight. In order to ensure maximum comfort during use, headphone MODECOM CIRCUIT is equipped with a soft ear pads.
Nēsāšanas veids
Austiņas ar galvas stīpu
Ierīces tips
Melna, Sarkana
Strāvas vada garums
1.2 m
Austiņu frekvence
20 - 20000 Hz
Pilna pretestība
32 Ω
Austiņu savienojamība
3.5 mm
Savienojuma tehnoloģija
Interfeisa tips
3.5 mm (1/8")
Austiņu jutīgums
105 dB
Maksimālā ieejas jauda
100 mW
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