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Iesaki Mujjo Wallet Sleeve Etui Skórzane Dla iPhone 6 Czarny (MUJJO-SL-066-BK)

Mujjo Wallet Sleeve Etui Skórzane Dla iPhone 6 Czarny (MUJJO-SL-066-BK) Mujjo Wallet Sleeve Etui Skórzane Dla iPhone 6 Czarny (MUJJO-SL-066-BK)
Slim.Simple. Elegant.Made out of one single piece of leather, this sleeve combines functionality and elegance in just one stitch. When you take the sleeve in hand, you’ll instantly notice the quality of the materials.
Slim fit by designCleverly cut out of one single piece of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, this sleeve creates a slim and secure space for the iPhone in just one stitch. An integrated pocket enables you to conveniently store a few bank/ID cards for quick access, and perfect for eliminating bulky pockets. It’s incredibly simple, functional, and remarkably elegant.
Eliminating bulky pocketsWe don't like to carry a lot in our pockets. We don’t like bulky pockets or fat wallets because they are uncomfortable. The leather wallet sleeve is designed to carry your iPhone and most important cards in one sleek package. Developed because most of the time, you just need to carry around a few of your most important cards, some cash, and your iPhone.
Remarkably functionalWe’ve designed the sleeve to be as slim as possible, just the right size to fit your iPhone plus a few bank or ID cards; it's perfect for fitting into your jeans, eliminating bulky pockets. Marked by a slant line, the integrated pocket of the sleeve allows you to conveniently store a few bank or ID cards.
Signature LeatherThe full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather used is manufactured with care, waxed to extend durability, and carefully treated with aniline oil to enrich 'color tones'. Vegetable-tanned leather wears in with use and acquires beautiful patina and polish over time, as it becomes part of your daily life.Due to the nature of full vegetable tanned leathers, it features a very dense and compact structure. The quality of the leather enables us to leave it cosmetically untouched while emphasizing the character of the material and staying true to the concept of the collection; nude leather and raw edges emphasize the understated and sleek appearance.
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iPhone 6
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