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Iesaki NCR Dual-Port PS/2 7.5m (F1D9400-25)

NCR Dual-Port PS/2 7.5m (F1D9400-25) NCR Dual-Port PS/2 7.5m (F1D9400-25)
Belkin OmniView ENTERPRISE Series Dual-Port PS/2 KVM Cables provide maximum connectivity between your PS/2 servers and OmniView ENTERPRISE Series KVM Switches. Our coaxial video cabling preserves video strength and clarity at higher resolutions, and the dual-port design delivers built-in cable management for your convenience.
Available in 1.8m, 3m, 4.5m and 7.6m lengths, this Dual-Port PS/2 Cable works with OmniView ENTERPRISE Series KVM Switches.
Advantages :• Preserves signal integrity at higher resolutions with coaxial VGA cabling• Adds durable strength with Tactilite™ molded-strain relief construction• Features exclusive, 360-degree turning radius for flexibility even under extreme conditions • Protects against damage to conductors• Reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI)• Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty.
Strāvas vada garums
7.6 m
Savienojums (i)
4 PS/2, 2 HDDB15, 1 DB50
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