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Iesaki Nobo Stojak na plakaty A1 (1902206)

Nobo Stojak na plakaty A1 (1902206) Nobo Stojak na plakaty A1 (1902206) Nobo Stojak na plakaty A1 (1902206) Nobo Stojak na plakaty A1 (1902206) Nobo Stojak na plakaty A1 (1902206) Nobo Stojak na plakaty A1 (1902206)
The Nobo free-standing, double-sided ‘A’ frame board is the practical yet stylish solution for displaying notices, posters and promotional offers whilst keeping your information in pristine condition and free from dust and dirt.
Designed for indoor or outdoor use, it features a high quality aluminium frame, durable steel backing and weatherproof seals which ensure your documents are protected from the elements including heavy rain.
Flexible: for environments where information needs to be updated frequently, the Nobo ‘A’ frame display board is ideal. Write up the daily restaurant menu, post up delegate information outside a conference room or attract customers with special offers as they walk by. Measuring 841 mm (height) by 594 mm (width), there’s plenty of space to accommodate up to 4 x A4 posters and create eye-catching displays.
A range of ‘A’-frame accessories can be purchased separately to add greater functionality to your board, whether you use it indoors or out. There’s a handy A4 leaflet holder, sturdy header board or blackboard insert panel so you can customise the way you display your information.
User-friendly: open the box and you’ll find that your new display board is assembled and ready to use. It takes just seconds to add or remove information as the unique corner cap design gives easy access, enabling you to simply lift up the four hinged frame edges. Secure your information sheets with magnets, cover with the protective PVC sheet then release the frame back down.
Weatherproof: the strong, 32mm aluminium frame is anodised for extra durability and corrosion resistance, particularly important for frequent use out of doors. The PVC anti-glare cover and weather-seal strip protect your information from sun, rain and damp to ensure you communicate a clear, professional message every time.
605 mm
109,5 cm
Alumīnijs, PVC, Tērauds
Iepakojuma platums
70,5 cm
Iepakojuma dziļums
119 cm
Iepakojuma augstums
9 cm
Iepakojuma svars (bruto)
9.2 kg
Izcelsmes valsts
Rāmis, ierāmēt
Rāmja platums
3,2 cm
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