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Iesaki Playmobil Żłobek (5570)

Playmobil Żłobek (5570) Playmobil Żłobek (5570) Playmobil Żłobek (5570) Playmobil Żłobek (5570) Playmobil Żłobek (5570)
Giggle the afternoon away with a visit to the Playgroup. Whether enjoying a good gallop on the rocking zebra, reaching for the hanging toys from the play mat, or using the wall game, this set has tons of fun activities for growing preschoolers. Don’t let a mess slow you down, clean kids up with the changing table, which can also be converted into a baby bathtub. Then, use the high chair to feed hungry youngsters before continuing play. Set also includes one adult figure, three baby/toddler figures, teddy bear, toy box, baby toys, balloon, training toilet, and tons of other accessories. This set is compatible with the Sunshine Preschool (5567).
Minimālais vecums
4 gadi
Maksimālais vecums
10 gads(i)
Ar zīmējumu
Recommended gender
Not for children 0-3 years
Atbalstītie skaņas efekti
Figure/toy included
Rotaļu figūru skaits
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