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Iesaki Revell Model Avro Lancaster Mk.IIII (04300)

Revell Model Avro Lancaster Mk.IIII (04300) Revell Model Avro Lancaster Mk.IIII (04300)
The four-engined Avro Lancaster was without doubt the most famous of all the RAF heavy bombers in World War II. From 1942 it formed the backbone of the night bombing offensives deep in Germany and gained its fame through the sinking of the Tirpitz and the destruction of the Möhne and Eder dam. The Lancaster was able to carry loads of up to 9,980 kg of bombs, the heaviest individual one being the Grand Slam . It saw service up to 1945 in 68 RAF Bomber Command squadrons and flew over 156,000 sorties. Out of a total of 7,300 aircraft produced almost half were lost. Today only two examples exist that are still airworthy, one in Great Britain, the other in Canada.
- New mould- Surface details with recessed panel lines- Detailed cockpit with instrument panel and side panels- Space for navigator and radio operator- Detailed bomb bay- Bomb bay hatches with struts- 3 rotating MG turrets- 12 bombs- One Cookie bomb- Glazed cockpit with different attachments- Detailed Merlin engine- Main landing gear bay with separate side struts- Detailed main undercarriage- Movable propeller- 2 different propeller blades
Minimālais vecums
10 gadi
Ar zīmējumu
29,5 cm
Second World War
Number of pieces
257 pcs
Construction type
Assembly kit
Fixed-wing aircraft
Military aircraft
Oriģinālais modeļa nosaukums
Avro Lancaster Mk.I/II
Recommended skill level
Kustīgās daļas
Spārnu vēziens
42,8 cm
Valsts versija
Apvienotā Karaliste
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