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Iesaki Schleich Ritter 70513 Drache Jäger

Schleich Ritter            70513 Drache Jäger
The Hunter does not need wings. He moves incredibly fast across the ground, is almost invisible and has a deadly poisonous bite. Whoever gets attacked by him does not stand a chance.
Strength, speed and a poisonous bite: these are the hunter’s terrible weapons.The Hunter has claws, sickle-shaped talons and a brutal bite. It has almost lost its fire, because it never uses it anyway. But to make up for this it has a poison fang, which makes every bite a fatal attack. Coupled with its ability to make no noise, its fantastic night vision and unbelievable endurance, all of this makes it a dangerous dragon.
Minimālais vecums
3 gadi
Brūns, Dzeltens
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