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Iesaki Schleich Ritter 42101 Balliste mit Waffenmeister

Schleich Ritter            42101 Balliste mit Waffenmeister
All enemies have utmost respect for such an enormous ballista. In the entire kingdom, there is no weapon greater than this one.
The armourer who operates the ballista does not utter a single word. But everybody knows that honey cookies are his favorites.The guards along the castle wall are scared to death when out of a sudden a giant man with a ballista pops out of the forest. He inserts a massive arrow and waits for the firing order. So this is how the enemy plans to take the castle. Throughout the entire realm of knights there is no weapon more powerful than the ballista and there is no man taller than the armourer operating it.
Minimālais vecums
3 gadi
Brūns, Pelēks
Recommended gender
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