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Iesaki Schleich Ritter 42157 Kampfarena

Schleich Ritter            42157 Kampfarena
Outside the arena of battle, the bravest knights have gathered to fight against the most terrifying creatures on earth. Each single one of them is ready to do battle when the portcullis is raised and suddenly, the fight to the death begins.
In the battle arena, some men have become legendary heroes.The sun beats down on the arena. The bravest of all knights have gathered today to fight against the most dangerous creatures in the world. They sweat under their armour, but in their eyes is sheer determination. In numerous scrimmages they have been preparing for this day. They check their weapons and armour one last time, then the portcullis is raised, it is creaking, and the knight stands eye to eye with his formidable opponent. A split second later, the wild battle begins. Who wins here, will become a legend.
Minimālais vecums
3 gadi
Bēšs, Pelēks, Sarkans
Recommended gender
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1 gab
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