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Iesaki Schleich Farm Life Fjordpferd Fohlen

Schleich Farm Life Fjordpferd Fohlen
Norwegian Fjord Horses have been in existance for thousands of years. The Vikings used them as warhorses.
Norwegian Fjord horses are easy to recognize by their build and the characteristic dark stripe. The Fjord Horse is a small powerful horse. With its compact body, strong neck and large straight head, it is reminiscent of Eastern European or Asian wild horses. Fjord horses can be found in all dun colors. The mane is usually cut so short that it stands up and the dark stripe runs along the whole back to the tail. Fjord horses are strong and sure-footed, which is why, today, they are used as mountain horses or to plough uneven terrain. They are also used in trotting races, for distance riding and in combined driving.
Recommended gender
Any gender
Skaits komplektā
1 gab
75 mm
2 cm
6,5 cm
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