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Iesaki Schleich Duży zestaw zaklęć 42171

Schleich Duży zestaw zaklęć 42171 Schleich Duży zestaw zaklęć 42171
The rainbow elves love to do magic, it is one if their favorite activities. With the right accessories like wand, spell book and magic potion they have all they need to do good magic and help others.
The elf sorceress loves the bewitching taste of freshly baked blueberry tarts.If you want to find the witch, you have to ride deep into the forest. She lives quietly in a clearing by a waterfall. She is very friendly, but also mysterious and keeps all her magic items in a big box. There is also her magic book that only she alone can read. For all others, only blank pages appear. She uses all her skills only for the benefit of elves and animals.
Minimālais vecums
3 gadi
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