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Iesaki Schleich Elf Amisi (70483)

Schleich Elf Amisi (70483) Schleich Elf Amisi (70483)
Amisi is a really talented horseback rider. Time and again she comes up with new tricks she performs on the back of her horse. All elves are enthusiastic about her talent.
While taking a ride over the mountains, Amisi has already discovered many unknown animals.Amisi practiced another trick she wanted to perform in front of her friends: While her horse is galloping at full speed, she now is able to stand on one leg before she elegantly slides back into the saddle. Every few days, Amisi comes up with a new trick and everybody is amazed by her great performance. Watching her practicing the tricks, you get an idea of how well she gets along with her horse and what fun both of them have introducing new tricks to their performance regularly.
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3 gadi
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