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Iesaki Schleich Pelikan (14673)

Schleich Pelikan (14673) Schleich Pelikan (14673)
Binomial name: Pelecanus onocrotalusConservations status: Least concern [lc]Global Home: Africa, EuropePrimary Habitat: Wetlands, Sea, Coastline
Due to their heavy weight, pelicans are not the most elegant creatures when taking flight or landing. Making up for their lack of elegance is the fact that they can fly for long distances.
Pelicans are very large aquatic birds with a wingspan which can reach over 3 metres. Pelicans live around the shores of oceans, rivers and lakes since their diet consists almost exclusively of fish. The pelicans' most distinctive feature is their long beak with a throat pouch on the bottom. This allows the pelican to use its beak like a scoop when hunting for fish and carry even large fish. Pelicans' feathers are usually white with black sections on their wings. Sometimes they even appear slightly pink or grey.
Brūns, Oranžs, Balts
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Any gender
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