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Iesaki Scosche Noise Isolation thudBUDS pink

Scosche Noise Isolation thudBUDS pink
Whether you are on the subway, walking to class or relaxing while listening to your favorite song, thudBUDS provide a comfortable and enjoyable noise isolating experience with your music. These earbuds have been optimized for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Tablets, and other audio players.
Hear the Difference.thudBUDS produce genuine acoustics, solid mids and bursting bass. These simple, yet refined buds let you hear your music the way it was meant to be heard. From casual listeners to music enthusiasts, these impressive earbuds bring your tunes to life.
Designed For Comfort.thudBUDS are lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable. Each pair includes small, medium and large antimicrobial comfort-fit silicone inserts for added noise isolation - just choose the size that best fits your ear canal. These sweat resistant jackets also ensure that the earphone drivers will remain in-tact and unharmed from exposure to perspiration and other moisture.
Style Sense.thudBUDS not only provide a superior fit, but have been stylized to suit your lifestyle. Angled accents and metallic aesthetics bring your buds to life.
Works with.iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Smartphones, Tablets and more.
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Austiņu frekvence
20 - 20000 Hz
Austiņu jutīgums
102 dB
Pilna pretestība
16 Ω
Skaļruņa diametrs
1,05 cm
Akustiskā sistēma
Savienojuma tehnoloģija
Strāvas vada garums
1.3 m
Austiņu savienojamība
3.5 mm
Maksimālā ieejas jauda
25 mW
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