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Iesaki Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME

Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME
General DescriptionThe perfect choice for the gamer who likes to travel:the PC 300 G4ME is a lightweight, in-ear headset.Thanks to 3 sizes of soft silicone ear sleeves, the PC 300 is comfortable to wear and delivers the full Sennheiser audio experience without distracting background noise.
Features- delivers great Sennheiser soundand cuts out distracting background noise;- picks up every word for team communications & chat;- Easy to set for personal preference and environment;- choose between 3 sizes of soft silicone ear sleeve, to find the most comfortable fit;- the PC 300 is lightweight and small, so it’s easy to take on the road;- the supplied 2m extension cable, makes it easy for gamers to plug in to any PC or laptop when travelling;- a neat flexible pouch protects the PC 300 and the extension cable;- Simply insert the two 3.5mm plugs into a PC and start the game. Also great for music from any iPod or MP3 player and for PC Chat & VoIP 2 GO Headset.
Delivery Includes- PC 300 G4ME;- Three sleeve sizes;- extension 2m extension cable;- carry pouch.
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Austiņu frekvence
18 - 22000 Hz
Austiņu jutīgums
106 dB
Pilna pretestība
16 Ω
Savienojuma tehnoloģija
Strāvas vada garums
3 m
Ierīces interfeiss
2x 3.5 mm (1/8")
Ierīces tips
Frekvenču diapazons
80 - 15000 Hz
Mikrofona jutība
-32 dB
Mikrofona ieejas pilna pretestība
2200 Ω
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