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Iesaki Siku SIKU Ciężarówka z Pojemnikiem na odpady - 0828

Siku SIKU Ciężarówka z Pojemnikiem na odpady - 0828 Siku SIKU Ciężarówka z Pojemnikiem na odpady - 0828
A high quality privacyfilter – For your eyes only.
Copter Privacyfilter protects your private content from being viewed by people around you.
Turn your privacy filter on or off.The choice is yours thanks to 2-way Micro-Louver technology.
The Micro-Louver layer in the core of the privacy filter allows you to adjust the viewing angle. Just change the orientation of the device from portrait to landscape.In portrait mode, the narrow 30° viewing angle makes sure that your private information is for your eyes only. People next to you only see a dark screen.In landscape mode, the wider 60° angle makes it possible to share the information with the people next to you.
The surface of the Copter Privacyfilter has a special coating that makes the screencontent easy-to-read by capturing exterior light and preventing reflections.
The Copter Privacyfilter is simple to attach. It creates a barrier between the screen and the wear-and-tear of daily use. And it can be just as easily removed without leaving sticky spots on your screen.
One package contains:1pcs Pre-cut Copter Privacyfilter1pcs Applicationspray1pcs Applicationsqueegee1pcs Cleaningcloth1pcs Applicationinstruction
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Galaxy S5
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