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Iesaki Urbanears BAGIS ROWAN (001545770000)

Urbanears BAGIS ROWAN (001545770000) Urbanears BAGIS ROWAN (001545770000) Urbanears BAGIS ROWAN (001545770000) Urbanears BAGIS ROWAN (001545770000) Urbanears BAGIS ROWAN (001545770000) Urbanears BAGIS ROWAN (001545770000)
The Bagis is a compact version of the full Urbanears experience. Its earplug construction brings you a direct sound and efficiently reduces noise. It features rubber housing along with a combined fabric and TPE cord, eliminating distortion caused by friction. As a bonus, each earpiece snaps together, allowing you to carry them around your neck when not in use. So you’ll always know where they’re at.
SnapConstructionSo you always know where it’s at
Inspired by the building blocks we played with as children, the SnapConstruction feature lets you connect your ear buds around your neck. That way, you can easily find them and continue enjoying your music whenever you’re ready.
Microphone & RemoteFor hands-free talking
Most music devices today are also cell phones. That’s why all our headphones come with a built-in microphone and remote. Use it to pick up calls, or fast forward or rewind your music.
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Ierīces tips
Austiņu frekvence
20 - 20000 Hz
Pilna pretestība
16 Ω
Skaļruņa diametrs
9 mm
Savienojuma tehnoloģija
Interfeisa tips
3.5 mm (1/8")
Austiņu jutīgums
107 dB
Vadības taustiņi
Maksimālā ieejas jauda
5 mW
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