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Iesaki Walkstool Basic 60

Walkstool Basic 60
Walkstool Steady is made with three kinds of users in mind:- People using Walkstool outdoors with the risk of having the rubber feet sinking into the ground – typically hunters.- Professional users working on slippery surfaces with the need of making Walkstool even more sturdy and reliable.- Big people in need of a portable seat that will hold their weight for years to come.Walkstool Steady can be used with all Walkstool Comfort models and is normally being delivered pre-set for being used with Walkstool Comfort 55cm/22in. This setting can easily be changed by the user according to the Walkstool model.
The Walkstool is available in two model types Comfort and Basic. It comes with two seat heights ranging from 45cm/18in as in a normal chair, and to 75cm/30in to accomodate for hunters, tall people, people with problem with back and/or disc and not to forget Big People.
The Walkstool Basic 50cm/20in and Walkstool Basic 60cm/24in are mainly aimed at the mass market. The seat is made of black polyester and is approximately 20% bigger in size than a normal seat for a three legged stool. The upper legs are grey to match the seat.
To lock lower legs when not using Walkstool Comfort models, twist the legs so they are locked by the rubber feet being close together. To use Walkstool Comfort models, do the opposite and you unlock the lower legs.
Be careful when sitting on the Walkstool on uneven ground. Avoid to put all pressure on one or two lower legs. Improper use of the Walkstool can result in bodily injury or harm. Always check the Walkstool before using it to make sure that the red button is in the proper locked position. User assumes all responsibility for use and operation of the Walkstool.
Maksimālais svars
175 kg
Statīva kāju skaits
Feet material
Augstums (max)
600 mm
Garums savāztā stāvoklī
41 cm
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