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Iesaki Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 - waga łazienkowa Bluetooth iOS/Android

Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 - waga łazienkowa Bluetooth iOS/Android Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 - waga łazienkowa Bluetooth iOS/Android
Step up. We're with you all the way.
The Withings Wireless Scale is ready for you the moment you step onto it - it is secretly and cleverly calibrated so that your weight measurement is accurate and instant. Rewarding your efforts every step of the way.
Weight, health and optimum well-being.
The Wireless Scale isn't just about highly accurate weight measurement. It also works out your Body Mass Index and helps you understand what your BMI number means to you.
Pinpoint accuracy.
If you're striving to lose weight, every little change makes a big difference. The Wireless Scale helps you reach your goals, using a simple on-screen guide to properly position your body and give you a highly accurate measurement every time.
Your body, on hand, on the go.
We can lighten your load in every way. No need to keep track of every little weigh-in - we'll do it for you. Each new reading is automatically uploaded to your personal weight chart on your smartphone or tablet (iOS devices).
Set your goals, realise your ambitions.
Setting achievable goals keeps you motivated to reach your ideal weight. Step by step, our app will help you get there. Join the weekly weight loss program and make steady progress week after week.
Get more out of life.
The lifestyle you lead has a bearing on your weight and BMI. The Wireless Scale has a historical weight chart that helps you understand how your body weight relates to your lifestyle choices.
Sixty second set up.
In less than sixty seconds, the Wireless Scale is up and running. Just a few taps on your mobile or tablet is all it takes. Job done.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
The Withings Wireless Scale works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Enjoy the convenience of long-range Wi-Fi to weigh from any room in your home, along with the Bluetooth connectivity for easy, PC-free set up and on-the-go usage.
Instant. Instinctive.
Each time you weigh, the Wireless Scale automatically and instantly updates your personal weight and BMI chart. It intuitively uses the best connectivity available, whether it's Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Just weigh and get back to your life.
Health for everyone in the home.
The Wireless Scale is made for the whole family. Everyone can have their own user profile and easily access their data online or on their mobile.
Share it or keep it private.
Everyone is different. Some people want to celebrate their achievements and rally support on Facebook or Twitter, others want to keep their readings private.
The scale that recognises you.
As the Wireless Scale gets to know the weight of each family member, it automatically recognises the person using it, ensuring a seamless weighing whoever steps on.
Lose It! is a Wireless Scale compatible app that automatically imports your weight readings from your scale. You can set a daily calorie goal and achieve it by recording what you eat and how you exercise. Out of the people who've already used it, more than 85% of them have lost weight.
100 g
Minimālais svars
5 kg
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Ķermeņa masas indeksa (ĶMI) noteikšana
Baterijas pievienotas
kg, lb, st
Automātiska izslēgšanās
Atmiņas funkcija
30 cm
30,3 cm
3,3 cm
2.4 g
Bateriju skaits
Baterijas spriegums
1.5 V
Maksimālais svars
180 kg
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