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Iesaki Zapf Baby Born Kask na rower (820377)

Zapf Baby Born Kask na rower (820377) Zapf Baby Born Kask na rower (820377) Zapf Baby Born Kask na rower (820377)
it cannot be said often enough: staying safe while riding your bike is the most important thing. What applies to you, also of course applies to your BABY born®... before the two of you set off on your two-wheeled adventure, you need to be certain that nothing can happen to your little explorer.
This biker helmet is a good way to begin. The helmet reliably protects Baby born®'s delicate little head and even looks great. Our designers (that is what we call the people who came up with this helmet) are also rather proud of it. Your little biker will even volunteer to wear this pink creation with great printed motifs of her own accord!
The BABY born® biker seat is also a great addition. It makes sure that your little one is secure and comfortable on all your bike rides.
BABY born® Biker Helmet: including strap with an easy-to-use click fastener.
BABY born
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