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Iesaki AC Ryan Wtyk 4pin Molex żeński, UV zielony (ACR-CB8515)

AC Ryan Wtyk 4pin Molex żeński, UV zielony (ACR-CB8515) AC Ryan Wtyk 4pin Molex żeński, UV zielony (ACR-CB8515)
AC Ryan's Connectx™ T-series is available in T-Molex (Black, UVBlue, UVGreen, UVRed) and T-SATA (Black, UVBlue, UVGreen, UVRed).
The concept of Connectx™ T-series is simple - Cables run through the connector at 90 degrees instead of sticking out of the cable from behind. This way, the cables are flushed neatly perpendicular to the drives instead of sticking out in a "U-loop".
T-Molex / T-SATA is also sometimes referred to as "90 degrees" connectors.
The T-series are crimp-type connectors meaning that the pins are built-into the connectors and wires are connected by punching through (known as "crimping") like network / telephone cables. A cap is then clicked in.
The T-Molex / T-SATA normally comes with "pass-through" cap. The "pass-through" caps allow wires to pass through and is for use when the connector is installed in the middle of the cable. If you are planning to install the connector at the end of the cable, you can ask your retailer for the "endcap" which does not allow the wires to go through the connector.Connectx™ is the AC Ryan's way of moving modding a step ahead - now you have the means to extend your mod color theme right down to the connectors. A range of connector housings in various colors, starting with a series of connectors found typically in PSUs. Would you imagine stylish cool black cars with white plastic handles? Dont let those standard white connectors spoil your mod. Change all the connector housing and make heads turn with the touch of details.
Always using high quality, non-flammable & fire-resistance plastics, Connectx™ connector color housings are not only fun but safe too.
As part of the goal of advancing the professionality of performance PC, the Connectx™ series is built with these factors in mind performance quality, ease of installation, a touch of professionality. If you are a performance PC builder, you care not only about performance but also professional appearance - AC Ryan provides the building blocks. All AC Ryan cables are built with the best quality cables for strict no-nonsense performance.
AC Ryan
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